I bought a Baum Bat. This is what happened:

I love playing in wood bat leagues, tournaments, and games. I love hearing the crack of the wood bat and seeing the ball fly in to the gaps or over the fence.  You just can’t hide your flaws hitting with a wood bat.  Here are the 3 things that happened when I switched to the Baum bat.

3.  I gained confidence: I became a more confident hitter with the Baum Bat.  At first I was skeptical of the company’s statement that the bat was, “nearly indestructible, 400x stronger than wood.”  But taking my first hit off “The Hands” without the bat breaking made me a believer.  That was all I needed to step up to the plate with more confidence.

2.  I hit the ball harder.  I’ve used various brands of maple bats, D-bats, Diablo Bats, Sam Bats, Marucci Bats, and Louisville Slugger to name a few.  The ball seemed to jump off my Baum Bat, unlike the other brands.  I definitely hit more home runs and extra base hits with my Baum Bat.

1. I saved money.  The Baum Bat is more expensive than other composite wood and maple bats; However, I was able to save money in the long run.  I’ve had my 3 Baum Bats for about 8 years.  I bought 2 (33 in., 30 oz.) for my adult baseball team and 1 34in., 31 oz. bat for myself.  Prior to buying the three Baums, I’ve spent $1000+ on team and personal wood bats in about 2 years.  I’m glad I made the change, I know my wallet is.

I bought a Baum Bat. This is what happened:
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Updated: August 5, 2017 — 12:36 am

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