3 Reasons I’m looking forward to the new USA Bat Standard

The January 2018 switch to the new USA Bat Standard is just around the corner. As a coach and father of baseball players, I’m looking forward to the switch to the new USA Bat Standard. The thought of having to fork over more money for equipment sucks, but the switch to a more “wood-like” performing bat does sound exciting. Here are 3 reasons I am looking forward to the new USA Bat Standard.

3. Hitter Development: Don’t get me wrong. I like using high performance equipment; However, when it comes to developing hitting skills, I’d rather start with the basics. Give a kid a wood bat or something that performs like a wood bat so they get that immediate feedback when they hit the ball wrong. A nice hand “Stinger” will give a young batter immediate feedback and as a coach, you can provide the hitter with adjustments or changes they need to improve their swings.

2. No hiding your swing flaws: The closer you get to real wood feel, the harder it is to hide your swing flaws. I’ve played enough baseball to see the influence of bat technology on hitters and how it has blown up batting averages. I’ve seen amazing bat technology turn “Slap” or “Dink” hitters into “Gap” and “Extra-base” hitters. If the new technology lives up to its claims of “wood-like” feel and performance, then we’ll be able to see the true strengths and weakness of our young hitters.

1. Safety: As a father of a young pitcher, I am always worried about that “come-backer” hit. I am always concerned when I see a batter come up to the plate with a high-performance bat. I’ve seen too many close-calls. I know there are other precautions we can take as coaches and parents but just knowing technology will not increase the “Exit” speed of the baseball off the bat, does give me some comfort. I’d like to see more improvements but I believe we are headed in the right direction.

3 Reasons I’m looking forward to the new USA Bat Standard
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